What are Fillers?

As we age, we naturally begin to lose collagen and fat in the face, resulting in a deflated, aged appearance. Injectable fillers can rejuvenate the lost volume and create a firmer skin surface, giving a more youthful appearance. There are many types of facial fillers, but Dr Farhang Khoee prefers to use Hyaluronic Acid (HA). This filler is a complex sugar found in all living cells and an important component of the skin, collagen and elastin. HA retains water like a sponge, which hydrates your skin and increases its volume and density. The most common areas treated are the lower eyelids (tear troughs), cheeks, the areas around the mouth, chin, lips, and jowls. While improvement may be seen immediately, full results typically become visible over the 2 weeks following treatment and further enhance over the next 6 to 8 weeks; however, experiences vary. In a private consultation, Dr Farhang Khoee will meet you and discuss your personal needs and goals.

Who is the Ideal Candidate?

An ideal candidate is a person in good health and requesting fillers for the following reasons:

  • Desire for a more youthful facial appearance by non-surgical means
  • Restore lost volume in the lower eyelids (tear troughs), cheeks, around the mouth, chin, lips, and jowls. 
  • Facial wrinkles around the nose and mouth
  • Creases on the forehead or between the brows

What is the Recovery Time?

In general, the recovery time after facial fillers is minimal. You may have some redness on the day and bruising that usually resolves in a few days.